Ernie the Reichert

Ernie The Reichert 

This is Ernie, he’s a Reichert and he used to work in milk testing. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of him before lacquering. He had some deep scratches. I wasn’t able to get all of them out on the tube because of the enormous amount of engraving on the tube but I managed to get the really bad ones out of the foot. 

I did take one picture of Ernie before he was lacquered, just the foot. I took the picture because I was impressed by the difference in colour between the faded and unfaded areas. Where the upright was attached to the foot, no light could penetrate resulting in a dramatic colour difference. 

I’m very pleased with him, he’s come out well. 

3 thoughts on “Ernie the Reichert

  1. I have an antique mircroscope that belonged to my late father, I really loved it as a kid when he showed me different slides of things he had on the glass slides .
    I would like to know who and where I would take it to just to get a bit of restoration and maybe just cleaning I’m not sure what it would been it has it’s own wooden box with front opening door to slide it out . I live in Queensland, and just need some info on it
    Thank you
    Cheri Thorne


    • Hi, I’m afraid I don’t know of anyone on that side of the world. I only know of one other person in the USA. I will ask around and see if I can find anything out for you.


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